The Dead Parrot Historical Society 0781

Named in honor of the Orphan

Andrew Jackson Splawn,

an original homesteader of the Kittitas Valley.

He would go on to open first general store in the region, known as “Robbers Roost”.

Splawn sold the land to John Shoudy who help to establish the community of Ellensburgh.

(Ellensburgh was changed to Ellensburg by the Postmaster on April 5, 1894.)

Splawn then moved to Yakima County and entered politics becoming a Mayor and State Senator.

His final public office was that of Chief of Police of the young City of Yakima.

He was integral in the closing of numerous opium dens and brothels located within the city limits.

Shortly after retiring from public service, Splawn died on 3/2/1917, from a disease he contracted from a

Parrot in a Pet Store.


The Dead Parrot Historical Society was born on January 29, 2021.

They achieved Washington State Non-Profit Status on September 2, 2021.

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