Young President Narrowly Avoids Avian Assault

Theodore Roosevelt’s Parrots

President Theodore Roosevelt and his family were avid animal lovers. In their lifetimes they owned or were gifted many animals, from the exotic to the mundane. Falling somewhere in the middle of that scale are 2 parrots. (AKA Winged Demons)

One parrot was named Loretta, and was praised by Roosevelt for being both “sociable and intelligent.” She was also apparently a bit feisty as the Washington Post labelled her as “loud-mouthed.” Her vocalization was put to good use though and she could often be heard saying “Hurrah for Roosevelt!”

The other parrot is likely the macaw parrot, Eli Yale. Roosevelt found parrots to be fascinating birds, along with other wild life native to rain forests.

Little did he know just how dangerous they could be.

“Theodore Roosevelt Jr. With His Parrot “Eli Yale”

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